Published On: Fri, Jan 11th, 2019

‘I’m Sorry’ has returned and Andrea Savage is still my personal hero


Are you there, Andrea? It’s me, Alison.

Sometime between the series finale of Gossip Girl and the birth of Kate Middleton’s second baby, I gave up emulating the women I saw on TV. For too many of my teenage years, I had found myself struggling to pull off that wavy CW hair and awkwardly speaking in pointed sound bites à la ABC’s Revenge. Eventually, when I got over myself (and consequently, my collection of rhinestoned Claire’s headbands), I wrote off the idea of idolizing anyone with a primetime cable slot.

Then came I’m Sorry and with it, its star and creator Andrea Savage. This blisteringly funny comedy series has given me not only one of my favorite TV shows ever, but also a sense of comfort and confidence in looking up to a woman who doesn’t seem to be taking any of life’s shenanigans all that seriously despite working in the high pressure world of comedy writing. With the premiere of I’m Sorry‘s Season 2 this past Wednesday, here is my best sales pitch on why Savage’s remarkably delightful series should be your next laugh-out-loud binge.  Read more…

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