Published On: Tue, Jun 11th, 2019

‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’ lets you poop out a slime Luigi with friends


Here’s a fun, vital detail about Luigi’s Mansion 3: You can poop out and commandeer a slime doppelgänger of the Mario brother.

It’s not technically poop. The Luigi’s Mansion series casts the titular star as a vacuum pack-wearing ghost buster. So when you click the button to release Luigi’s goo self, the stream of slime actually emits from the bottom of your Poltergust (that’s what the ghost vacuum is called).

That’s not what it looks like, though! Not unless you’re watching very closely. It’s fine. Gooigi is a perfectly capable poop monster.

Luigi’s slime form made his debut in the second Luigi’s Mansion game, but he’s a much-expanded tool for puzzle-solving in this third go-round. Flesh Luigi can’t walk across spikes or search below bathroom gates, nor can he be in two places at once. Gooigi enables all of those things and more. Read more…

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