Published On: Fri, Oct 18th, 2019

The internet loves it, but Stormi isn’t into Kylie Jenner’s ‘Rise and Shine’ song

Three little words will never be the same again: “rise and shine.”

After billionaire beauty mogul Kylie Jenner sang them for like one second in a YouTube video in which she gave a tour of her Kylie Cosmetics office building, people have not been able to get enough of her dulcet tones.

But, one person isn’t all that convinced by Jenner’s vocal talents: her daughter. 

Jenner posted a video of Stormi bopping around to a remix of “Rise and Shine” before the one-year-old says, “Daddy sing?” Stormi’s dad is, of course, Grammy-nominated rapper and singer Travis Scott.

“No baby, that’s Mommy!” Jenner replies. Read more…

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